We offer our services under the following guidelines;

  • Obtaining the Value added Tax Registration Certificate, Central Sales Tax Registration Certificate, Professional Tax Registration & Enrolment Certificate,

  • Online VAT Registration, VAT E-Return Filling, Works Contract TAX Exemption. • Special guidance regarding how to maintain books of Accounts

  • Calculation of Value Added Tax, Professional Tax, Income Tax. Preparing the Challans and producing the same in the departments concerned in prescribed time limit.

  • Preparing necessary forms for Value added Tax, Profession Tax, Income Tax and to produce in concerned department.

  • Detailed Study of all the sales, transaction or Contract made by company is carried out and accordingly, relevant guidelines are given to the responsible person regarding the rules and regulation of the law i.e. [Value Added Tax, Professional Tax, Income Tax]. Monthly – weekly report of the amendments and changes made in the law by government is given to the company.

  • Monthly meeting are arranged as per requirement at company office / our office.

  • All the circulars, which are received from the commercial Tax commissioner, Notifications issued by the finance department are properly evaluated and requited amendment notes are given by personally appearing at client Office or by courier as per requirement.

  • Written replies of all questions of daily business transactions are given to client’s office and for that we produce the copies of relevant citations and order of High Court, Supreme Court.

  • All the queries out of the transactions and company contract, raised by the concerned Tax Department are solved by us personally meeting with them.

  • All Accounts made by company, payable taxes, are thoroughly checked on calculated submission of necessary forms in prescribed time limit to collect necessary forms from the department on behalf of Company.

  • All information and required guidelines are given to the company, which are received through the meetings and seminars of Tax – Bar Associations.

  • Proper guidelines and advices to the questions asked by the staff members of the company (Client) are given in writing as well as orally.

  • Determination for any queries regarding VAT like Rate of product, Tax Liability of product, etc.

  • Appeal for any assessment order of Asst. Commissioner, DY Commissioner or Commercial tax officer.

  • Filing of E-return monthly / quarterly / yearly.

  • Submission of audit report after verification of books of accounts (Entries like Credit note, Debit note, Sales, Purchase, Credit of Capital goods, verification of firm C/H.

  • We are interested in providing best consultancy services with overall responsibility of the above work [Value Added Tax, Profession Tax, Income Tax.] on retainer ship basis.